Rioja Alavesa is changing. DSG is a big part of it. #rioja #riojaalavesa

In his hometown of Elvillar, David Sampedro Gil cultivates 6 hectares of his own vineyard, spread over 14 plots, on his own since 2007. The average age of the vineyards is between 35 and 100 years old and results from old family property, because even David’s grandparents were dedicated to this Place of viticulture. David does it like his ancestors and does without modern aids such as pesticides and fungicides and machines. He works strictly according to biodynamic guidelines in the vineyard and also in the cellar, without additives, only sulfur is allowed in small quantities. In addition to his involvement in the Rioja David also cultivates vineyards in the Navarre, Utiel Requena and Sierra de Francia.

Meet Marc Isart (Bernabeleva/Madrid) · Goyo García Viadero (Ribera del Duero) · Marta Baquerizo (Belondrade/Rueda) · David Sampedro (DSG Vineyards/Rioja) · Ramon Parrera (Celler Pardas/Penedès) · Eulogio Pomares (Rias Baixas) · Roberto Santana (Envínate/Tenerife etc.)

at the Prowein 2018, 10G211

There you’ll also find:

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